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Freyr (Yngvi-Freyr, Ingwaz, Fröj), of the Vanir: His name means “Lord,” and he is the lord of prosperity, eroticism, peace, and physical well-being, and his weapon is a magic sword and he has a magic ship that sails unguided to its destination.  Freyr is described as being very handsome, powerful, merciful and kind, and is called the "God of the World".  As a fertility God of love and pleasure, Freyr was often depicted with an enlarged phallus.  He has a chapter in the book, 'Who are your Divine Friends?', in Lulu Publishing. 

Like the Celtic God Cernunnos, he is the horned God of fertility and King of the Elves.  He is married to Gerd and is father to Fjolnir.  He rides the shining dwarf-made boar Gullinbursti and possesses the ship Skidbladnir, which always has a favorable breeze and can be folded together and carried in a pouch when it is not being used.  He rules over Alfheim, the land of the Light Elves.  Freyr and Freya are the archetypal Lord & Lady of Wicca/Witchcraft.

Landvaettir is Old Norse for Guardian Earth Sprites.  They were all the beings who guard certain places, those who are bound to rocks, streams, or trees, and the lesser nature spirits in general.  The Landvaettir was connected with issues of fertility that Vanir Gods like Freyr and Freya, as well as Njord, were intimately connected with as well.  It is possible that the Landvaettir are a kind of elf that is connected to particular object or area of land.



Altar: upon cloth set a sheaf of grain, a golden cup of mead, a plate of bread and honey, the figure of a carved phallus, the figure of a boar, and an empty sheath

Color: gold, green, red

Day: Friday

Incense: mint, rose, sandalwood

Offerings: mead, those who partake in sex magic should do so in his honor

Plant: ash, holly, ivy, mountain ash, nuts & cones, St. Johnswort, yew

Pronunciation: 'Fray-er' (Freyr)

Rulership: rain, sunshine, harvest, horses, joy, love, ships, success, wealth, weather

Runes: Ansuz, Ingwaz, Jera, Raidho, Sowilo

Stone: brass, bronze, gold, goldstone, rose quartz

Symbol: boar, Sun, sword, phallus, Earth


Prayer to Frey, God of the Body

Frey, God of the body as well as of the soul,
teach me to become better friends with my body.
Often I ignore it, or do not fulfill its needs properly.
Yes, sometimes I am angry at it for hampering me.
Then I forget that without a body, I would not be here at all.
I would not have breath to say this prayer to you.
I would not be able to enjoy food, or drink,
and all the other gifts of the earth that my senses enjoy.
You provide me everything my body needs to survive,
and with more good things that make life worth living.
Remind me to take as good care of my body as of my spirit,
each in its own measure and according to its needs.

~ Michaela Macha


In The Garden of Frey (Song Version)

In the garden of Frey, I will stay, stay,
In the garden of Frey I will rest.
In the garden of Frey on the meadow I´ll play,
Where each flower and blossom is blessed.

In the garden of Frey I will dance, dance,
In the garden where laughter holds sway.
In his garden today with the Lady of May
I will dance all my sorrows away.

In the garden of Frey I will sing, sing,
Oh so many a lighthearted lay.
To the music of spring our voices shall ring
For forever, a night and a day.

In the garden of Frey I will sleep, sleep,
On a bed of roses I´m lain.
When the music is gone and the dancing is done,
I shall dream of his arms once again.

In the garden of Frey, I will stay, stay,
In the garden of Frey I will rest.
In the garden of Frey on the meadow I´ll play,
Where each flower and blossom is blessed.

~ Lyrics: Larisa C Hunter, Michaela Macha


Lifted Horns

Flowers nod and barley sway
Wind is warm and life is good.
Our horns we lift to Ingvi-Frey.

The sweet sap rises day by day
Releasing us from wintry cold
Flowers nod and barley sways.

Within the green and lovely Ve
We offer praise as heathens should;
Our horns we lift to Ingvi-Frey.

The fecund earth our delight, our play
Sweet frolic through these ancient woods
So flowers nod, and barley sway.

Love may come, joy may stay
If close together we whispering stood
And my horn lifted to Ingvi-Frey.

So come away, wild one, come away
In mossy groves we frolic could
While flowers nod and barley sways
And horns we lift to Ingvi-Frey.

~ Boar's Heart 2003


Morning Song for Frey

In hazy dawning of a gilded morning
drowsy bees waken with the hovering day
rowans redden with their brightening berries
land's Lord sings love his honeyed lay

In wind-whipped dawning of a crimson morning
stags, in their rutting, bell to seek their hinds;
the wide moor walking, potent land's Lord now
shakes broad antlers, power's roots to find

In frosty dawning of a clear white morning
straight-flying merlin claims her new-found nest:
small folks dreaming hear the god's firm paces,
passing footsteps of the land's Lord's quest

In the moist dawning of a greening morning
people join hands greeting Lord of land
warming in song, earth and rock awaken;
swelling in buds the birch trees stand

In the blythe dawning of a summer morning
silvered stones shine on heather moor-side
whole, the moorland will call the chorus
as land's Lord, blessed, meets his white-armed bride

~ Jenny Blain, 2004


A Daily Prayer

In Your name, Ingui,
I ask for Your blessings and bounty:

May I have wealth enough to provide my needs, goods and gear,
and some enjoyment in this life.
May I know that wealth is a tool, and to be used wisely.
May I have health in my body, strength to work,
may I also have health in my mind and mood.
May those who wish me ill know to keep from me,
may I handle any possible conflicts with grace and skill.
May I choose my words carefully,
with what to speak, whom I speak to, when to speak, where,
and how everything is said.
May I go to the right places, and do the right deeds,
and may those who need me, know where to find me.

Peace and good seasons in my life.
Peace and good seasons in the lives of the ones You love.

May I know peace within myself,
and peace within my world,
that all things come in their season,
that there is beauty in the sunshine and the rain.
May Your blessings be with me, Ing-Frey,
and may my deeds this day be a blessing to You.

~ Nornoriel Vanyahildë


A Bede to Ing

Ing Frea the fruitful,
We await your wain's gold horde,
To bring forth the new birth,
Amid frith and frells (celebration).
Great one of this world,
Make the Sun shine on us,
And sprinkle wet the soil,
To bring harvest home.
Ing Frea the fruitful,
We do hail your horned antler,
Outshine the Muspill's son,
Amid frith and frells.
Ing Frea the fruitful,
With the weih (sacred) Sun wend sky's way,
Make weihholy your world,
And show winsome ways.
Ing Frea the fruitful,
We await your wain's gold horde.

~ Swain Wodening Canote


He is appealed to for fertility, grocery stores, weather, bakers, light, happiness, and wealth.  His friendship can be honored by supporting organic farming, buying clean food or by growing your food.  However, lacking his sword, Freyr will be killed by the fire jotun Surt during the events of Ragnarok. 

A part of the Swedish 12th century Skog Church Tapestry depicts three figures that has been interpreted as Odin, Thor, and Freyr - or are three kings.  The figures coincide with 11th century descriptions of statue arrangements recorded by Adam of Bremen at the Temple at Uppsala and written accounts of the Gods during the late Viking Age.  And in 1904, a Viking Age statuette identified as a depiction of Freyr was discovered on a farm in Sweden.  Like other Germanic deities, veneration of Freyr has been renewed in the modern period in Heathenry.




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Idunna (Iduna, Ostara, Idunn, Austrôn), of the Aesir: The Goddess of immortality, youth and beauty.  She is the Goddess of the spring, eternal youth and the keeper of the golden apples and granter of eternal youthfulness.  Idunn is married to Bragi, the God of poetry and is the oldest known of the God Ivaldi's younger children.  She has a chapter in the book, 'Who are your Divine Friends?', in Lulu Publishing. 
Idunn is the custodian of the golden apples which allowed the Aesir gods to maintain their youthfulness, and was the only one among the Gods who was allowed to gather them, which she safely kept in a golden chest.  Since the Norse Gods are not immortal, the apples are regarded very precious.
There is an old expression that 'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away'.  Apples appear in many religious traditions, often as a mystical or forbidden fruit.  In Norse mythology, the Goddess Idunn is portrayed as providing golden apples to the Gods that give them eternal youthfulness.  The Goddess Frigg sent King Rerir an apple after he prays to Odin for a child.  Frigg's messenger (in the guise of a crow) drops the apple in his lap as he sits atop a mound.  Rerir's wife's consumption of the apple results in a pregnancy and the birth of their son - the hero Volsung.  Buckets of apples were found in the Oseberg ship burial site in Norway and had been found in the early graves of the Germanic peoples in England and elsewhere on the continent of Europe.
Altar: outside upon cloth place a bowl of apples in different colors, a horn of mead, a polished stone, a bowl of nuts, and many gardening tools such as hoes and spades
Color: green, gold
Day: Monday
Incense: apple blossom
Offerings: concentrate entirely on gardening one day, even in inclement weather
Plant: birch, fir, hawthorn, apple, rose, willow
Pronunciation: 'Eye-dune-ah' (Idunna)
Rulership: beauty, long life, responsibility, youth
Runes: Ehwaz, Othala
Stone: copper, crystal, quartz, smoky topaz
Symbol: golden apple, youth, earth
Wheel of Year: Spring Equinox
The Fruit of Idhun

Barefoot on dewed grass in her secret orchard,
Shining like gold in the Sun's early glow,
Carries her cargo to halls of the mighty,
Feeds the fire-apples to ward off the snow.

Who gains from her gift? Just the gods of the north lands?
Just those whom she chooses, or those in her care?
All gain when they touch those whose breath she rekindles -
The spouse and the patron their energy share.

Casket of apples - full of her magic,
Each apple holding the seed of its son,
Every seed holding a new tree within it,
Every tree bearing the fruit of Idhun.
~ Stormerne Hunt-Anschütz
To Idunna

Holy fruit, in Asgard´s hearth hid,
Grows in Idunna´s girded garth:
In leafless trees life is renewed,
Silver blossoms star bare branches,
Golden the apples given to gods,
Sweet the fruit with its secret seeds.
In Midgard´s mirk, men wake from madness:
In fields a thousand years left fallow,
Sleeping seeds at last are sprouting-
Idunna, see the new day dawning,
Bear to us thy branch of blessings,
A tree of troth to bless the true.
~ Diana L. Paxson

A Prayer for Idunna
Idunna, Goddess of youth, and therefore life.
Gods' life tines tipped
toward past, present, then future
Because of all that you do
I praise you.
Idunna's apples. Wondrous and sought by all.
Age befalling the Gods,
as an eagle falling from fiery flight -
Loki, Asir, the Vanir, and a pyre.
I hail you, Idunna.
~ Todd Schirm
The Garden of Idunn
She hides her apples
 in a wooden box
sealed with magic.

She feeds them to those
 who have found
the elemental god within.

Feeds them to
trembling mouths.
Cuts a little piece
 from the apple of youth
places it in the craving mouth

And she walks her garden silently
 with the box
well hidden in her heart.

Waters the apple tree
 with tears of empathy.
~ Birgitta Jonsdottir   

Idunn´s Gift  

Age isn't a matter of body, but mind,
For years that bring wisdom, they also bring grief.
A child's day's eternal; an old mind will find
Every year flying faster, the days all too brief.

Age's felt and not counted, as Memory and Thought
Sit with heavier weight on your shoulders each day.
The blossoms have wilted, the autumn has brought
Bareness to branches, and leaves' decay.

But the apples remain, and in each golden orb
Is the sunshine of bliss and the sweetness of youth;
The joy and the zeal of your childhood, absorbed,
The taste of your springtime, untouched by time's tooth.

For this is my gift to Gods and to men:
I'm saving life's savour in fruit that makes whole.
An apple each day, I will grant you again
Not youth of the body, but youth of the soul.

~ Michaela Macha

Prayer for Idunna
We give thanks to the Goddess Idunna
for Her beauty, blessings, and inspiration.
We give thanks to Her for walking with us
Through the first stirrings of autumn.
Hail Idunna, Goddess of fruitfulness.
Hail Idunna, Goddess of regeneration.
Hail Idunna, Goddess of wholeness.
Hail, Idunna, Hail.
~ Galina Krasskova
She is appealed to for children, youth, health, beauty and innocence.  Honor her friendship by planting trees, especially fruit trees, or weed someone's garden.  Because of the events of Ragnarok, Idunn is believed to suffer the same fate that occur to the rest of the Asgardians.  Idunn's apples cannot stop death.
Today, Idunn has been the subject of a number of artistic depictions including Brita as Iduna, and Idun and the Apples.  Idunn Mons, a mountain on the planet Venus, is named after Idunn.  And the publication of the United States-based Germanic Neopagan group, The Troth, derives its name from that of the Goddess.